Wedding in Mallorca

Julia and Robert decided for a Mediterranean wedding and took us on a journey of a special kind. On 28.06.2014 we were allowed to accompany the couple to Mallorca. The restaurant "Port Verd del Maar" offers a great backdrop to the free wedding in the wedding pavilion by the sea, beautiful weather, the sound of the sea and a culinary experience, all make this dream wedding unforgettable for us. Even after all these years, this wedding remains modern, timeless and an inspiration for us.

Wedding in Switzerland

When I got an invitation to the wedding of my cousin Andrej, I thought who will be the video-grapher? After a detailed phone call with him, I was suddenly hired for his wedding. Cool, I thought, celebrating and working better can not be for me. Arriving in Switzerland, we were fascinated by nature. On a peninsula in Lake Zurich lies the fishing village of Hurden, Medi-terranean atmosphere and the spacious Hotel Restaurant Rössli directly on the lake, make the wedding of Liliya and Andrej, for my family an unforgettable travel adventure. The bride tells in this video, her self-written poem to the groom.

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